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unclear mobile billing notification
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Chrome Will Notify Users for Unclear Subscriptions Pages 

Google Webmaster Central has said that starting from December 2018 the new version of Google Chrome 71 will show notifications for users in mobiles pages that don’t have clear subscriptions services. 


These action is related to that pages that ask the users to insert their phone number, and they are not aware that are entering to a billing plan. So, the users get in  knowledge  when the bill arrive, and they see the charges. 


This is one examples of the alert when a user enter to a page and ask to enter your mobile number to continue to other page. 

Example of page that chrome will notify unclear mobile billing form
Example of page that chrome will notify unclear mobile billing


If you have this kind of pages in your site, is important to you make sure that you apply the following note to avoids that the new version of Chrome show  this alert when user try to enter. 


  • Show billing information visible and obvious to all the users. 
  • Show the cost of the services in a way that can be used to see to the users. 
  • Try that the process be clear and easy to understand to the users. 


If you don complete these conditions is possible that soon you see this alert in your site and will be alert through Search Console:


unclear mobile billing notification
Alert to unclear mobile billing notification.


To see more information to about how to have clear and easy billing process check best practices information.


Let your comment about what you think of this news. 

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