What is a Web Directory?

What is a Web Directory?

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A web directory is a site with a collection of websites organized by categories and sub-categories. They offer information about each website to promote it on the same page and in the search engine.

Therefore, today day search engine like Google and Bing have a lot of popularity and are very used to search information on the internet, the web directories keep been an option to search links to sites that are verified and can help the users to find specific topics on the web.

What is the importance of the web directories?

In the SEO process, web directories play a very important role in the moment of taking advantages in the raking on the internet, because it helps to have more visibility and increase the traffic to your website. This is because of some factors like the backlinks acquisition to the site.

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These links give more relevancy and authority to our site, especially when it came from web directories with good quality, that is very recognized and have a category system that matches with the topic of our site.

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  • They use to have some politics to accept the registration of the site: some categories, languages, content, etc.
  •  Use to be free, but also exists many that are pay, with interchanges, etc.
  • Each directory has his topics or specific categories for categorized the websites.
  • All the website have a classification.
  • Have a group of expert editors voluntaries or assigned to the task of validating the content of the website and put in the correct category.
  • The categorization of the websites is manual, different to engine search that has this process automatic.

In conclusion, this not dude, the web directories play a very important for the moment you want to work the SEO out of your page, which you should take advantage of his benefits to have a better the raking on the searches.

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